(S) Re-drying Rod Oven – SDO400

SDO400 (small) are designed for re-drying and storage of welding rods. The temperature can be set between 0 and 400°C. The temperature is controlled by a digital controller with built-in timer for drying.

There are two modes on the control switch, HAND and AUTO. In HAND-mode, the temperature can be set between 0-400°C without timer function. In AUTO mode, temperature can be set to maximum 400°C (re-drying temperature) and drying time (TIME) 0,1–6553,5 minutes. When the drying time ends, temperature falls back to 100°C automatically. The drying time starts when the temperature has reached the re-drying setting.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage: 1~230V/50Hz

Power: 2000W/8,5A

Max.Temperature: 400°C

Int. Dim. (WxHxD)mm: 400x560x510

Ext. Dim. (WxHxD)mm: 500x970x650

Capacity: 120kg

Weight: 70kg

Rod Ovens – Dry Storage and Re-drying Cabinets

Rod ovens prevents welding electrode from absorbing moisture in the normal ambient air and is often a requirement to use in industries like oil, energy, construction and shipbuilding. We manufacture rod ovens used for dry storage of welding electrodes and for re-drying of welding electrodes. Dry electrodes used for welding reduces the risk of fracturing which involves unnecessary work and increased costs. We produce several different models adapted for different markets and requirements.

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