Flexible Heating Panels

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Flexible Heating Panels

Isopad heating mats are suitable for applications where uniform surface heating is required to maintain or increase the temperature of machine parts or equipment. Available in a variety of materials, sizes and fixing methods there is a mat in the Isopad range for almost all requirements.

Silicone heating mat (200°C)
Isopad silicone mats are fully waterproof and suitable for applications up to 200°C. Formed by encapsulating a resistive heating element between two layers of semi vulcanised silicone rubber and then sealed under temperature and an even pressure to form a single vulcanised silicone sheet.

Uniform heat density is achieved using decades of experience at the design stage and the heating element is precisely laid using a numerically controlled 2 axis positioning system.

Isopad silicone mats use no adhesive and as they are essentially a single piece of silicone and there is no seam which is a common failure mechanism in panels manufactured using lower quality methods. Isopad silicone matss provide good resistance to ozone, oxygen, weathering, ageing effects, bacterial and fungal attacks. They are also highly resistant to various chemicals such as alcohol, acetylene, mineral oil, acids, glucose, and glues. Isopad silicone heating mats can also be toughened with glass cloth when improved mechanical strength is required.

Glass silk heating mat (450 °C)
A highly flexible and versatile mat suitable for applications up to 450°C and produced by encapsulating a resistive heating element in glass silk. Isopad offer this product with several fixing methods from hooks and eyes, to lace, to Velcro depending on the client’s specific needs.
Quartz cloth heating mat (900 °C)
Identical to the glass silk heating mat from a construction perspective the maximum operation temperature is increased from 450°C to 900°C by changing the insulation material to quartz cloth.

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