Bogie Hearth Furnaces

Bogie Hearth Furnaces 

Our Bogie Hearth Furnaces is used for heat treatment of heavy and large steel parts, the temperature and atmosphere varies depending on process and application; such as tempering, annealing, soft annealing, normalizing, stress relieving, homogenizing and recrystallization with a ordinary operating temperature between 250 – 1150°C depending on application.

The bogie is loaded outside the furnace by forklift or overhead crane before the the bogie is entering the furnace. The load is normally cooled down inside the furnace before the bogie is moved out by the operator, but with a special design the furnace can be opened and the load removed from furnace for or cooling or quenching while the furnace still is hot and in operation.

The hearth of the furnace is insulated with high temperature fiber insulation and mineral wool. The radiation heating elements are mounted on the internal sidewalls of the furnace and in some cases in the bottom (Bogie) and the hatch/door; to achieve the best temperature uniformity.

The electric motor-driven bogie is built up by a steel frame, insulating- and fire resistant bricks. Our bogie-hearth furnace is equipped with our unique heat resistant sealing between the hearth and bogie which can be opened during opertion for efficient cooling.

Our Bogie Hearth Furnace comes in several different designs; hatch/door which is opened vertically or sliding horizontally, manual door which can be left-/right-hung or permanently fixed on the end of the bogie.

All of our Bogie Hearth Furnaces are delivered with complete documentation and CE – Certificate according to LVD, EMC and Machinery Directive.

We can also follow industry standards such as; AMS2750E / AMS2750F (Aerospace), CQI-9 (Automotive), API 6A 21st Edition (Oil/Gas/Offshore) and ISO 17663:2009 (Welding).


ElectroHeat Sweden AB manufactures a wide range of industrial furnaces and ovens designed and customized to a variety of load sizes, production volumes and material. Our ovens and furnaces are customized to our customers’ needs to improve the efficiency, increase quality and save energy.

Fast delivery and high quality is guaranteed since all construction and production is made in-house in our workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This product can be delivered separately or as a part in a fully automatic furnace line with conveyors and automatic charging equipment to guarantee a high productivity rate.

Technical specification

Temperature range: up to 1150°C

Power Supply: Electrical


Air circulation:

– Circulation Fan Unit

Dimensions: Customized

Door/Hatch: Optional

– Pneumatic hatch

– Hydralic hatch

– Electrical hatch

– Manual door

– Sliding door

Control system:

HeatManager (PLC; Siemens based)

Atmosphere: Air

Type of logging: Digital

Number of logged temperature sensors: Optional


Tempering or Annealing with a Bogie-hearth Furnace
Heat treatment has to be gentle and powerful at the same time to make processes like tempering, annealing, homogenizing and recrystallization reliable and easy. Bogie-hearth furnaces promise customers the highest quality possible if used accordingly and have a temperature range of up to 1150°C.

Bogie-hearth furnaces are useful when it comes to fine procedures like soft annealing and are delivering the best results when it comes to normalizing or stress relieving.

It’s important to understand, that in order to achieve optimal heating results, the chamber has to be insulated properly in order to keep a constant high temperature. Accuracy is the key when materials have to be annealed or tempered, therefore the sidewalls of the furnace chamber have been equipped with a high-temperature fiber insulation and mineral wool. This makes Bogie-hearth furnaces not only accurate but also easy to maintain.

At its core, so to speak, and the necessity for the entire cooling process, the furnace combines one or many circulation fans and motor-driven dampers. They are situated on the roof.


The structure of a Bogie-hearth furnace
In order to assure safety and a long lifetime of the furnace, the motor-driven bottom is not only built up by insulating but also features fire-resistant bricks. Another important feature, which guarantees safety is the pneumatic sealing between the heating chamber and its bottom. Since the door can be lifted and controlled by a pneumatic system, it helps automatize the process and speed up procedures.


Other benefits of the bogie-hearth furnace are the high rate of efficiency and the possibility to save energy, depending on an either fully electrical or gas power mode. The delivered product will always be high in quality and meet even the highest standards.

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