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Our banding tools is used to fix and attached heaters and thermal insulation to a pipe or another object to be heated. The stainless steel band is mostly used at high temperatures and can sometimes be reused while the ordinary steel band is best suited at lower temperatures like applications like preheating and attachment of insulation.

Complete Set for Mild Steel Band

Order Code: 6-107

Mild Steel Band

Order Code: 6-107-10

Mild Steel Buckles

Order Code: 6-107-11

ACME C1204 Banding Tool

Order Code: 6-108-30

ACME C2A5 Sealer

Order Code: 6-108-40

BAND-IT C001 Banding Tool

Order Code:  6-108-10

BAND-IT C075 Banding Tool

Order Code: 6-108-20

BAND-IT Band 201 Stainless Steel

Order Code: 6-107-12

BAND-IT Buckles 201 Stainless Steel

Order Code: 6-107-13

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