Collaborating Technology Partners: Adapa A/S and ElectroHeat Sweden AB

Collaborating Technology Partners: Adapa A/S and ElectroHeat Sweden AB


Adapa A/S and ElectroHeat Sweden AB have entered a cooperation in supplying combined adaptive moulds and heating solutions for the composite industry.

Thermoforming composites and thermoplastics into curved designs on a reconfigurable adaptive mould is a manufacturing process that reduce the use of one-off moulds and reduce the use of resin.

The benefits hereof are reduced waste created by one-off moulds, reduced weight on the composite product and lower manufacturing cost.

The cooperation has sprung out of the manufacturer need for an off-the-selves solution, where the curing oven and the reusable adaptive mould are designed to fit standard panel sizes from composite material suppliers.

ElectroHeats industrial ovens are used for a variety of heating processes such as drying, curing and hardening that fits well to the use of Adapas adaptive moulds in various industries and manufacturing processes.

ElectroHeat have extensive experience in supplying ovens and furnaces to a broard variety of industries like aerospace, automotive, shipyards and manufacturing industry all over the world.

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