Swedish industrial furnaces create flight safety all over the world

Swedish industrial furnaces create flight safety all over the world


ST Aerospace Solutions in Märsta is responsible for ensuring the safety of aircrafts. New planes are manufactured in environmentally friendly composite material, which needs to be treated in large industrial furnaces during repair operations. ElectroHeat was commissioned to custom design the industrial furnaces in order to increase flight safety.

Few means of transport undergo as many safety and inspection controls as aircrafts. Nothing is left to chance and even the smallest screw is carefully specified and has undergone approval tests as well as being traceable. The thing is, there are many parts on an airplane. Some of them are mobile, and there are both hydraulic and pneumatic ones, as well as electromechanical parts that need overhaul and repair to ensure flight safety. And it is done in Sweden.

Swedish quality all the way

Safety is absolutely essential, and ST Aerospace Solutions in Märsta are licensed for the important work.
– You can pretty much say that we take care of everything that is “undressable”. We are 80 employees who service aircrafts from all over the world and we are the only ones in Scandinavia to do this, says Director Assad Chamoun.

Heavy investments in industrial furnaces for future aircrafts

The international fleet of aircrafts is undergoing a generational change. In the future, more and more of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 737 MAX will be visible in the air. The airlines have already ordered 4,300 today. The new planes have been manufactured in as environmentally friendly materials as possible, and this includes composite materials. When these are treated during repair, the structure of the material changes and it must be “re-baked” in industrial furnaces to maintain hardening.
– In order to be able to service and repair tomorrow’s fleet, we have invested in large industrial furnaces that have enough space for these parts, says Assad.

ST Aerospace chose the Gothenburg company ElectroHeat AB

ST Aerospace has invested in three new industrial furnaces and chose ElectroHeat in Gothenburg for their competence and reliability.
– There are three different industrial furnaces for two different applications/processes that we have custom ordered from ElectroHeat. Two of the furnaces will be used for hardening composite materials and the third will be used for hardening of steel parts, says Assad.

The temperature accuracy in the oven is most important

There are areas in different parts of the aircraft where you need to wipe up oil residues and moisture in the pores, this particular part is treated in ovens with various functions.
–It is very important that the temperatures are kept accurate in order to achieve the right effect. We also have autoclaves to harden adhesives in carbon and fiberglass. There we treat the aircraft parts under both heat and pressure so that the glue gets maximum strength, says Assad.

All industrial furnaces have different requirement specifications

At the ElectroHeat office in Gothenburg, the team is happy to be able to contribute with their efforts to increase flight safety.
– We have over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of various industrial furnaces, and deliver globally. We manufacture everything from complete automation facilities to smaller chamber ovens, in different designs according to the customer’s requirements and wishes.

Company facts

ST Aerospace Solutions is a subsidiary of Singapore-based ST Engineering with a total of 23,000 employees. The company services and repairs aircraft details.

For more information, please contact:

ElectroHeat Sweden AB:
Joel Lagerqvist (sales) joel@electroheat.se

ST Engineering:
Assad Chamoun (VD) assad.chamoun@staseu.com


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