Heating element – Resistance heating wire

Heating element – Resistance heating wire

We manufacture heating elements and provide spiral elements, band elements, wire elements and tube elements for electric heating furnaces. We adapt and manufacture all our elements (up to 1200°C) according to the effect, temperature range, application and make of the industrial furnace.

Do you need help finding a spare element for an existing oven? Send us an existing loop (broken or complete) alt. information about power, operating temperature, etc. and we will try to give a cost estimate.

Example of common stock material:

Band – Kanthal A-1 / 0Cr21Al6Nb
10×2 mm
15×4 mm
20×1 mm
20×1,5 mm
20×2 mm
20×2,5 mm
25×1 mm
25×2 mm
25×2,5 mm
25×3 mm

Band – Cr20Ni80 / Nikrothal 8 / Tophet A / Alloy A / 0Cr21Al6Nb
15×2 mm
20×2 mm

Wire – Kanthal A-1 / 0Cr21Al6Nb
Ø1,8 mm
Ø2,0 mm
Ø2,5 mm
Ø3,0 mm
Ø3,25 mm
Ø3,5 mm
Ø4,0 mm
Ø4,25 mm
Ø4,5 mm
Ø5,0 mm
Ø5,5 mm
Ø6,0 mm
Ø7,0 mm

Wire – Cr20Ni80 / Nikrothal 8 / Tophet A / Alloy A / 0Cr21Al6Nb
Ø1,8 mm
Ø2,0 mm
Ø2,5 mm
Ø3,0 mm
Ø3,5 mm

Round bar – Kanthal A-1 / 0Cr21Al6Nb
Ø10 mm
Ø12 mm


ER180/110 – Rörelement 180W/110V (Gänga: M4)
ER180/110N – Rörelement 180W/110V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

ER180/230 – Rörelement 180W/230V (Gänga: M4)
ER180/230N – Rörelement 180W/230V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

ER833/230 – Rörelement 833W/230V (Gänga: M4)
ER830/230N – Rörelement 833W/230V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

ER1670/230 – Rörelement 1670W/230V (Gänga: M4)
ER1670/230N – Rörelement 1670W/230V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

ER2000/230 – Rörelement 2000W/230V (Gänga: M4)
ER2000/230N – Rörelement 2000W/230V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

ER2250/230 – Rörelement 2250W/230V (Gänga: M4)
ER2250/230N – Rörelement 2250W/230V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

ER3000/400 – Rörelement 3000W/400V (Gänga: M4)
ER3000/400N – Rörelement 3000W/400V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

ER3340/400 – Rörelement 3340W/400V (Gänga: M4)
ER3340/400N – Rörelement 3340W/400V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

ER4500/290- Rörelement 4500W/290V (Gänga: M4)
ER4500/290N – Rörelement 4500W/290V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

ER4500/400- Rörelement 4500W/400V (Gänga: M4)
ER4500/400N – Rörelement 4500W/400V (Anslutning: Nickeltråd)

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