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Husqvarna automates heat treatment with a new industrial oven


Husqvarna has invested in a new industrial furnace from ElectroHeat, as part of improving the safety and quality of its cylinder factory. The oven is fully automated and can process 1200 cylinders at the same time – an impressive capacity that takes the production to the next level. Husqvarna manufactures…

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Interview with Sam Pellow, owner of Carbon Instinct, about air heaters. The company is based in Lymington, UK

How did you hear about ElectroHeat? When working for Artemis Racing – America’s Cup team we were using Electroheat heaters for curing all our pre preg carbon fibre components. Having a history using the heater before, I knew they were the right heaters to use for our manufacturing processes. What…

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Swedish industrial furnaces create flight safety all over the world

ST Aerospace Solutions in Märsta is responsible for ensuring the safety of aircrafts. New planes are manufactured in environmentally friendly composite material, which needs to be treated in large industrial furnaces during repair operations. ElectroHeat was commissioned to custom design the industrial furnaces in order to increase flight safety. Few…

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A world-unique facility with a rotation oven is being built in Gävle

ElectroHeat was commissioned to custom design a rotation oven for the company Svenska Aerogel. The client is conducting research on the material aerogel, which is used by NASA in spacecrafts, and has now developed a new exciting substance which they call Quartzene. The oven from ElectroHeat now contributes to Quartzene…

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ElectroHeat Sweden AB and Pyrox bv has entered a partnership.


ElectroHeat Sweden AB and Pyrox bv has entered a partnership. ElectroHeat has now become an official sales representative for Pyrox bv in Sweden, Norway and Finland.   “Pyrox bv is a specialist in the cleaning of industrial components. Thanks to year-long experience and knowledge in the field of coating removal and…

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Collaborating Technology Partners: Adapa A/S and ElectroHeat Sweden AB


Adapa A/S and ElectroHeat Sweden AB have entered a cooperation in supplying combined adaptive moulds and heating solutions for the composite industry. Thermoforming composites and thermoplastics into curved designs on a reconfigurable adaptive mould is a manufacturing process that reduce the use of one-off moulds and reduce the use of…

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MyOvenOnline | Industry 4.0


We’re now launching MyOvenOnline for next generation of Industrial Ovens. MyOvenOnline is located on the platform; MindSphere and has been developed together with Siemens, to help our customers to increase reliability, efficiency and productivity of our industrial ovens.

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Chamber Oven | Curing of Composites (CEM)


This project includes design, manufacture, assembly, installation and commissioning of a Chamber Oven for curing composite materials.

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Climate Chamber | Research Development

The project includes the design, manufacture, assembly, installation and commissioning of a Climate Chamber for testing power grid products.

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Welcome Ia!


We welcome our new financial manager Ia Nilsson. Ia has solid experience from various financial roles and has previously worked in the shipping industry. Ia will also take care of some order management so for our customers it will be a new nice acquaintance.

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