Vacuum Ovens

Our vacuum ovens are often used in applications such as drying or curing of epoxy up to 200 °C. The vacuum ovens can be delivered in a number of different designs for different types of processes and goods.

The vacuum oven is constructed from a pressure vessel in steel or stainless steel and is insulated with mineral wool and covered with coated steel sheets or stainless steel.

Depending on the temperature requirements the vacuum oven is heated up through heating fans or heating elements mounted around the mantle. The airflow can be controlled with motorized dampers and the fan speed can be controlled by a frequency controller.

Different types of vacuum feedthroughs, such as inside temperature measurement, can be placed based on needs and complies with ISO-KF / ISO-K standard. The vacuum pump is dimensioned according to the desired capacity.

The vacuum oven’s functions such as temperature and pressure are controlled by a PLC system. It is possible to have several different zones that are controlled independently of each other. Vacuum ovens can be supplied separately or together with a joint control cabinet.

All our vacuum ovens are delivered with complete documentation and CE certificate according to LVD, EMC and Machinery Directive.

Do you already have vacuum equipment but are in need an oven? We can adapt our chamber ovens with inlets for your vacuum equipment, please see our range of ovens here.

We manufacture a wide range of industrial ovens designed and tailored for different load sizes, production volumes and materials.

Our ovens are adapted to the needs of our customers to improve efficiency, enhance quality and save energy.

Quick delivery is guaranteed as all design and production is done in-house in our workshop in Gothenburg.

Technical specificati
Temperature range: 40-200 ° C
Pressure range: 0.02 mbar – atm
Supply voltage: Customized

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