Overhead Conveyor Ovens

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Overhead Conveyor Ovens

Our Overhead conveyor ovens is often used for applications like drying of paint, curing of glue, vulcanisation of rubber, shrinking, hardening and preheating in temperatures from 40°C up to 850°C. This type of oven uses an overhead conveyor for transportation of the cargo through the oven and it has one or several heating zones and it can also be delivered with a cooling zone if needed. The conveyor is step fed and the hatches are motor driven. The oven can also be equipped with one or several inspection hatches along the long sides if needed.

The Conveyor oven is build up by an iron framework and is insulated with mineral wool and superwool. The furnace is covered with stainless steel or regular steel sheets on the inside. One or several heating fan units are mounted on the roof or the wall to guarantee and ensure a high temperature accuracy. Our fan units can easy be equipped with air outlet and intake to speed up the cooling process and for diversion of dangerous fumes like smoke from oil etc.

This product can be delivered separately or as a part in a fully automatic furnace line.

All of our industrial furnaces and ovens delivers with complete documentation and CE – Certificate according to LVD, EMC and Machinery Directive.

Technical specification

Temperature range: 40-850°C

Power Supply: Optional

– Gas

– Electrical

Dimensions: Customized

Door/Hatch: Optional

– Pneumatic

– Electric

Control system: Optional

– PLC Mitsubishi

– PLC Siemens

Conveyor system: Overhead conveyor

Atmospheres: Air

Type of logging: Optional

– Digital

– Analog

Number of logged temperature sensors: Optional

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