Heat Fan Units

Heat Fan Units

Our heat fan units is built up by an isolated pad with the dimensions: 800x 800 mm. The pad is mounted on an assembly sheet with the dimensions of 900×900 mm. On the assembly sheet a motor is mounted and connected to a fan wheel, an air valve for air-intake, two lifting handles and a connecting box. Around the fan wheel there is a heating element mounted. The Heat Fan Unit has a overheat protection 0-400°C.

The thickness of the isolated pad can be manufactured on the basis of the customers needs. Normally it has a thickness of 50, 100, 150 or 200 mm.

All Electrical Heat Fan Units can be customized after our customers specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

Order Code:        Heating Power:        Motor Power:        Impeller:

FLV-1,5-9-k           9kW                         1,5kW                    F4024a

FLV-1,5-13,5-k      13,5kW                    1,5kW                    F4024a

FLV-1,5-18-k         18kW                       1,5kW                    F4024a

FLV-2,2-22,5-k      22,5kW                    2,2kW                    F4528a

FLV-2,2-27-k         27kW                       2,2kW                    F4528a

FLV-3-36-k            36kW                       3kW                       F5028a

FLV-3-40,5-k         40,5kW                    3kW                       F5028a

FLV-3-54-k            54kW                       3kW                       F5028a

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