Drum Heaters

Drum Heaters

Isopad offers a range of drum and base heaters that provide a reliable way to reduce viscosity, protect stored product from frost and enable product removal. Available in both nonhazardous and hazardous area versions with reliable temperature control, Isopad drum heaters offer the ideal heating solutions for viscous products stored in drums, for example: adhesives, asphalt, waxes/paraffin, chemicals, chocolate dyes and varnishes. Three types of drum heaters are available a metal drum heater, a soft jacket drum heater and a silicone drum heating band.

Metal drum heater design
Isopad drum heaters have a unique “clam shell” design and castors, heaters can simply be wheeled up to and closed around the drum, eliminating overhead lifting.

The clam shell design allows the heater to be stored open, against a wall taking up less space. Castors are antistatic and have parking brakes to prevent heater movement whilst in use. Supplied as a complete unit with integral insulation and lid the Isopad drum heater is very efficient with the added benefit of allowing the drum to be heated at or close to where the product is needed. Manufactured in heavy gauge sheet steel with a double skin construction housing, the electric heating elements cover the entire inner surface. The heating elements are provided with reinforced thermal insulation to prevent heat loss through the outer wall. Inner walls are painted with a thermally conductive paint to give maximum heat transfer.

Compatible drum materials
Isopad drum heaters can be used with ferrous and plastic drums as heat is provided via an electric heating element as opposed to induction heating.

Energy efficient
Isopad drum heaters are designed to reduce energy consumption through a combination of thermal insulation and temperature control. The drum heater is the entire length of the drum and the surface is in close proximity to the drum itself which minimises the power required to heat the product, particularly in comparison to drum ovens or shorter drum heaters.

Heating in hazardous areas
Isopad drum heaters are available with IECEx and ATEX system approval. Drum and base drum heaters for hazardous areas are equipped with a self-regulating heating system negating the need for a separate temperature limiting device.

Soft jacket drum heater
Isopad soft jacket drum heaters are designed to wrap around a drum and combine the convenience of quick heat-up time and the precision of a digital controller. Fixed with a hook and loop Velcro fastening and insulated with glass silk cloth, these heaters can heat up to 232°C.

Silicone drum heating band
Silicone band heaters consist of a resistance heating cable and silicone carrier. There are two versions available, one with an internal Pt100 sensor and temperature limiter to 180°C and the other with a built-in adjustable thermostat with a control range of 10°C to 218°C.

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