Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor Ovens

Our Conveyor ovens are often used for applications like curing, vulcanisation, tempering, annealing, drying, shrinking, hardening and preheating in temperatures from 40°C up to 850°C. This type of oven uses a conveyor for transportation of the cargo through the oven and it has one or several heating zones.

We supply a number of different types of Conveyor Ovens

Tunnel ovens– continuous or step-fed industrial furnace with feed belt

Conveyor ovens – hanging conveyor that feeds goods continuously through the oven. Typical application is powder coating.

Walking beam furnaces– cast step beams feed the goods forward through the furnace. Used in heating processes with high temperature requirements.

Tunnel oven

Our tunnel ovens are typically used in the industries with continuous material flows. The conveyor can be of belt type, eg steel or Teflon, it can also or be chain-fed. The oven can be step-fed and have controlled hatches in the openings, or be continuously driven with blinds in the openings. One or more heating fans are mounted on the roof or wall of the oven to guarantee and ensure high temperature accuracy. Tunnel ovens are often equipped with a cooling zone that can be integrated in the oven chassis or completely independent.

Overhead Conveyor oven

Our conveyor oven is often used in applications such as powder coating, drying paint (varnishing), curing of adhesives, vulcanization of rubber, shrinkage, curing and preheating in temperatures from 40 ° C up to 500 ° C. This type of oven uses a conveyor (suspension path) that is stepped on to transport goods through the oven. The oven has one or more heating zones and can also be delivered with a cooling zone if needed. The oven is equipped with motorized hatches when entering and exiting and inspection hatches along one side of the oven if necessary.

Walking Beam Furnace

Our Walking beam furnace is mainly used within the steel industry for applications like annealing, forging, heating, stress relieving, quenching and tempering with a maximum operating temperature of 1100°C. The material is gradually fed through the furnace with the help of the water cooled beams which lift and move the goods a short step at a time in the direction of transport.

The walls are made of refractory bricks. The Walking beam furnace drive system is protected from scales by sealing spring steel and arrester. The beams are equipped with an integrated cooling system to guarantee a long lifetime and low downtime. The Walking beam furnace is equipped with a door that opens and closes gradually after the goods pass through the furnace.

The furnace can be delivered separately or as a part in a fully automatic furnace line with conveyors and automatic charging equipment like handling robots etc. to guarantee a high productivity rate. All of our industrial furnaces and ovens delivers with complete documentation and CE – Certificate according to LVD, EMC and Machinery Directive.

The Advantage of Using A Walking Beam Furnace

Walkin beam furnaces are essentially state-of-the-art reheating furnaces that are extremely efficient. The stock to be processed is kept on stationary ridges, with a revolving beam that moves it along as well as through the furnace. This continues until the stock reaches the exit, when the revolving beam is back at the entrance of the furnace. It is reported that substantial savings are achieved in electricity and fuel consumption by the installation of a walking beam furnace that uses a high-tech system to regulate combustion.

Uses of A Walking Beam Furnace

A walking beam furnace is used mainly in order to reheat unfinished products like bars, wires, rebars, tubes, and various structural shapes to a uniform temperature, before entering the shop area of an industrial facility. These adopt a four-function-cycle in order to guide a product within the furnace by doing the four functions of lift, traverse, lower as well as return. A walking beam furnace works mostly by means of natural gas.


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