Climate chambers

Climate chambers

Our Climate chambers are often used for test applications in research centers. All our climatic chambers can be customized when it comes to size, temperature and atmosphere. We can also provide special designed connection sockets for temperature sensors, electricity, vacuum, water, compressed air and steam.

The chamber is built up by an iron framework and is insulated with mineral wool and Superwool. The chamber is covered with stainless steel sheets on the inside and is welded gastight if needed. One or several heating fan units are mounted on the roof or the wall to guarantee and ensure a high temperature accuracy. Our fan units can easy be equipped with air outlet and intake to speed up the cooling process and for diversion of dangerous fumes.

The temperature and atmosphere is control by our unique control system; HeatManager. HeatManager is based on a Siemens PLC which means that we have the ability to adapt the control system according to any new special requirements.

All of our Climate Chambers and ovens are delivered with complete documentation and CE – Certificate according to LVD, EMC and Machinery Directive.

Our climate chambers can be manufactured according several diffrent standards such as; SS-EN IEC 60068-3-5:2018,  AMS2750E / AMS2750F (Aerospace), CQI-9 (Automotive), API 6A 21st Edition (Oil/Gas/Offshore) and ISO 17663:2009 (Welding).

We manufactures a wide range of industrial furnaces and ovens designed and customized to variety of load sizes, production volumes and material. Our ovens and furnaces are customized to our customers’ needs to improve the efficiency, increase quality and save energy.

Fast delivery is guaranteed since all construction and production is made in-house in our workshop in Gothenburg.

Technical specification

Temperature range: -20 – 400°C

Power Supply: – Electrical

Dimensions: Customized

Door/Hatch: Optional

– Pneumatic/electrical door

– Manual door (Double or Single)

– Folding roof (Top loaded)

– Sliding door

Control system: – PLC Siemens

Atmospheres: Optional

– Air

– Inert gases

– Vacuum

Type of logging: – Digital

Number of logged temperature sensors: Optional


Chamber Ovens: How They Work

Upsides of Chamber Ovens

Fast enough
One advantage if the chamber oven is that they are very fast when it comes to the heating process. An example of an oven that operates with such conditions is the Standard industrial oven that can adjust to very different levels of temperature.


Safety chamber ovens is essential when it comes to the prevention of flammable substances from going out of hand. Since temperatures in chamber ovens can go low, then they can be used for substances that can cause flames if not well handled. They are especially designed to well serve that purpose in that things don’t spiral out of hand eventually.


The Class 100 Clean ovens come in handy to clean up the atmosphere, thanks to the HEPA filter. It is, therefore, necessary in matters purifying the atmosphere so that impurities cannot interfere with what takes place inside the oven. It’s certainly exceptional.


With the roundup information, it’s evident that chambers ovens are indeed useful. They can actually come in handy at any given time when you really need to use them so you don’t buckle under the unnecessary strain or stress.

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