Chino Analog Recorders (3000 Series)

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EL3D65 Dot-printing Recorder (100mm)

The EL3D65 recorder is an 6 points analog recorder sized 144 x 144mm with 100mm width chart. The unit starts recording as soon as the power supply and input are connected and it is also easy to operate. Scale plate, input range and function of the recorder can be selected for various purpose and applications as many kinds of options are prepared.

Order Code: CHINO – EL3D65


EH3125 Dot-printing Recorder (180mm)

The EH3125 recorder is a dot printing type recorder sized 288x288mm with 180 width chart. The recorder has 12 recording points and records clearly temperature, pressure, flow, level etc. at regular interval.

Order Code: CHINO – EH3125