Air Heater – HA 27

Air Heater – HA 27

The Air Heater HA27  is designed for a variety of curing processes e.g. composite epoxy materials (CEM) and pre-preg carbon fibres. CEM are used in hulls for sailboats and rotor blades in the wind power industry to achieve good strength in combination with low weight.

The installation of the HA27 air heater is easy. The unit is installed into a space in the curing compartment and connected to an exhaust air pipe. The HA27 heater re-circulates the air through the air intake to the fan.

The Air Heater can easliy be controlled via a simple digital controller like BTC C62 or through a more advanced control system like Eurotherm EPC3008. Multiple units can be controlled in a group with the addition ElectroHeat HeatManager system (PLC).

Technical specification
Supply voltage: 3x400V / 50Hz (Other voltages available on request)
Heating Power: 27kW
Temperature: max 200°C
Dimensions: 900 x1500 x 1050 mm  (WxHxD)

Our Air Heaters units have many benefits compared to standard off the shelf fan heaters:

  • They re-circulate the heated air
  • Simple digital controller for setting of hold time, ramp speed.
  • Robust, made for industrial use
  • One unit can heat up to 50 m3 (cubic meters)

This product can be customized. Please contact us for more information.

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