MyOvenOnline | Industry 4.0

MyOvenOnline | Industry 4.0


MyOvenOnline | Industry 4.0 


We’re now launching MyOvenOnline for next generation of Industrial Ovens. MyOvenOnline is located on the platform; MindSphere and has been developed together with Siemens MindSphere Gold Partner; AFRY, to help our customers to increase reliability, efficiency and productivity of our industrial ovens.

Access status information for your industrial furnace, anytime, anywhere. MyOvenOnline gives you the opportunity to react immediately to avoid long downtime and expensive service costs. Via a simple web interface, you can log in remotely to MindSphere and get full access to your Industrial Ovens trough the MindApp; MyOvenOnline.

MyOvenOnline – Gives you the opportunity to;

  • Monitor and analyze temperatures and energy consumption
  • Get notifications about status updates directly in your mobile phone
  • Create and generate Heat Treatments reports
  • Monitor your oven remotely, on distance.


What is MindSphere?

MindSphere is an open cloud platform or a “operating system for the Internet of Things”, developed by Siemens. MindSphere receives data from a machine (e.g. an industrial oven), the machine data is analyzed and presented by a so-called “MindApps” (i.e. MyOvenOnline). Relevant information about operating status, alarms, warnings, energy consumption, etc. can be presented in real time to an operator, service technician or commando center. The information can also be analyzed and presented via various analysis / reporting tools toor develop; a production, process or product.

We manufacture the industrial ovens for the future, If you want to know more about MyOvenOnline, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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