ElectroHeat Sweden AB and Pyrox bv has entered a partnership.

ElectroHeat Sweden AB and Pyrox bv has entered a partnership.


ElectroHeat Sweden AB and Pyrox bv has entered a partnership.

ElectroHeat has now become an official sales representative for Pyrox bv in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

“Pyrox bv is a specialist in the cleaning of industrial components. Thanks to year-long experience and knowledge in the field of coating removal and cleaning, Pyrox bv has put together a large assortment of products that can support companies in their production process.

It does not only concern the cleaning of metal types covered with one or more types and layers of varnish, coatings and paint. It goes much further. Pyrox bv also targets companies that are into recycling of materials. An aspect that becomes more and more important in our society.

The Pyrox cleaning oven is unique and different from the standard burn-out ovens. The entire process takes place in an oxygen-free environment. This means that the materials are heated evenly and distortion is excluded. In order to obtain this result, the industrial burners are fitted with a separate air-gas channel. The temperature control is therefore optimal and the materials to be cleaned keep their original specifications.”

Read more about Pyrox’s Pyrolysis ovens or so called “low-oxygen cleaning ovens” here: www.pyroxovens.com


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