Month: April 2018

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New project with carbon fiber


This year ElectroHeat will deliver a new curing oven to Scania for a carbon fiber application. The oven is an automatic conveyor oven and has been custmized to fit the premises and material requirements.

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More ovens to Swedish screw manufacturer

A year ago, the first 6 ovens  for hydrogen extraction were delivered and now it is time for another 6 ovens to strengthen the customer’s heat treatment center. Also a specially designed conveyor oven with conveyors at different levels  inside the same chamber will also be delivered during spring.

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Nitrogen ovens

During spring, we will complete the first of two nitrogen furnaces to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of horseshoe nails. An important preparatory work with extensive tests in our workshop led to the order . If you are interested in heat tests for e.g. pilot studies, read more on our website or contact us for more information

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