Industrial Ovens | Heat Treatment | 60 - 1200°C

Industrial Furnaces and Ovens


All our ovens and furnaces can be customized to fit a special application or product.


This type of oven is often used for components made of; steel, aluminium, composites, carbon fiber, copper, brass, rubber, plastic etc.


Operating temperature range varies from – 5°C to 1300°C depending on application and material.


We are also able to design ovens with special atmospheres such; as vacuum and inert gas.


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Mobile Heaing Fan Units


Our Mobile Heating Fan Units is designed for curing of composite epoxy materials (CEM).


CEM are used in hulls for sailboats and rotor blades in the wind power industry to achieve good strength in combination with low weight.


The heating part is installed into the space for the curing process and re-circulates the air within the space with a fan.


All our Heating Fan Units can be customized. Please contact us for more information.


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Climate chambers and Environmental chambers


Our Climate chambers are often used for test applications in research centers. All our climatic chambers can be customized when it comes to size, temperature and atmosphere.


We can also provide special designed connection sockets for temperature sensors, electricity, vacuum, water, compressed air and steam.


The chamber is built up by an iron framework and is insulated with mineral wool and Superwool.


The chamber is covered with stainless steel sheets on the inside and is welded gastight if needed.


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We’re Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of industrial ovens. We have delivered innovative and complex heating solutions to manufacturing companies all over the world, for over 45 years. With product development, design, manufacturing and service organization “In-House”, we offer our customers a complete supplier with well-proven expertise for the manufacture of Industrial Ovens and Heat Treatment Equipment.

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